Doctor Visits Home

Doctor Visits Home

Doctor Visits Home (Mirenya Medical Services) is a service that arranges for qualified medical doctors to come to your home. If you, your child or any member of your family is sick then Mirenya Medical Services can help. The Doctors are SriLanka Medical Council fully registered, Qualified, & those who are working in Leading Hospitals in Colombo. Well qualified & experienced Nurses, Physiotherapists, Care givers & ambulance staff with modern equipments & medications. they provide medical service including,

  • Medical consultation at home & minor surgical procedures
  • Blood and sample collection for analysis & investigations
  • We do medical checkups for employees of organizations
  • Organize medical/health camps
  • We undertake medical cover up for various events, games, functions
  • We provide medical cover up for elders homes, children homes
  • We provide medical cover up for Hotel guests, specially for tourists
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ambulance service & Hospital admission if necessary


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